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American roots music is our playground. Blues and folk songs do not need preserving--they are preserving us. Our mission is to spread the glory and whimsy of traditional song through house concerts, street corner stomps, schoolroom shindigs, and jam sessions at the Collaboratory. We are songsters based in Seattle, and our next tour will take us along the Mississippi River in April of 2015.

09th Jan 2018
Vanport’s Flood

Vanport’s Flood

To learn more about the Vanport Flood and Oregon’s history of racism and oppression, read the following articles: How Oregon’s Second Largest City Vanished In a Day – Smithsonian Magazine The...

02nd Jan 2017

A Black and Tan Ball

“A Black & Tan Ball” will be released in the USA on July 28th, 2017. This new album by the Seattle songsters features the playing and singing of harmonica master Phil...

14th Mar 2016

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For bookings contact Martha Dantzic at Quicksilver Productions: To contact Ben & Joe, email:    

21st Jan 2016

North Wind and The Sun

“The North Wind and The Sun” is one title for a fable that dates back to the days of ancient Greece. The story goes that the North wind and the sun...