02nd Jan 2017
Tour Poster for UK w Phil

Black and Tan Ball

“A Black & Tan Ball” is our forthcoming 2017 album featuring the harmonica master Phil Wiggins. Recorded at Black & Tan Hall in Seattle, WA by George Rezendes, this album features a...

04th Jun 2015
Order your copy now on the Smithsonian Folkways website!

Roll Columbia on Smithsonian Folkways!

Update: Smithsonian Folkways has agreed to release the new album, “Roll Columbia” on their label January 27th, 2017! Joe Seamons and Bill Murlin are the executive producers, and Ben &...

21st Jan 2016
Artwork by Emily Taibleson is included in the small chapbook that accompanies our 2nd album.

North Wind and The Sun

“The North Wind and The Sun” is one title for a fable that dates back to the days of ancient Greece. The story goes that the North wind and the sun...

03rd Mar 2015
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  Please feel free to use the biography text and quotes below–as well as the mp3 files and press photos in this Dropbox folder–as we begin working together to promote our upcoming...

02nd Dec 2014
Take Yo Time Cover Vadnais

Our Album: Take Yo Time

Our album, Take Yo Time, was recorded at Toolshed Soundlabs in Port Townsend, Washington with the honorable George Rezendes working triple duty as engineer, mixer-masterer, and the guitar player on the...