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Wanted: Managing Partner for Roots Music Duo
We are a duo of American songsters—roots musicians who tour internationally performing songs and stories of the people. To maintain and develop our company we are hiring a third partner to act as our professional collaborator, impresario, and business manager. Our Managing Partner will be responsible for the following:
1. Forging and maintaining relationships with booking agents, PR specialists, and media contacts in the music business.
2. Implementing the strategy and vision for our business based on a work plan developed in partnership with Ben and Joe. This work plan will allow us to maximize our income streams, grow our networks, and further develop our business. 
3. Tour management & internal systems development.
4. A shared commitment to maintain a culture of collaboration, accountability, and celebration. 
Our Managing Partner will execute the tasks above during a 3-month trial period before choosing whether or not to commit longterm to a role as either an equal partner in the company or continuing as a paid contractor. 
Our company is incorporated as an LLC in the state of Washington, and while our Managing Partner need not reside in the state, you must familiarize yourself with the processes necessary for maintaining this status with regard to taxes and business registration. 


Position: Managing Partner  *it’s possible for this position to be filled by two people working together

Reports to: Co-Owners

First 3 months is a flat fee of $2,250 + 10% commission on engagements, payable monthly, dependent on completion of deliverables outlined below. Compensation is negotiable thereafter.

Specific Duties:

  • Develop long term work plan for the business in partnership with Ben & Joe. 

  • Be accountable for suggesting and implementing changes and improvements to our website, social media presence, and business systems. 

  • Remain accountable for proposing and monitoring deadlines for our business’ work plan. 


  • Oversee communication between partners on deadlines, offers, contracts, and negotiations. 

  • Be accountable for proposing and sourcing new merchandise 

  • Be accountable for maintaining detailed and accurate records in systems agreed upon by the owners.

Responsibilities & Intersections:
Owners are accountable for maintaining the check-in calendar and ensuring required meetings take place.
Owners are accountable for final choices on all design, merchandise and swag decisions; Managing Partner is accountable for proposing ideas for merchandise and swag item; designer is responsible for all design aspects of event, merchandise and swag.
Owners are financially responsible for the LLC and are accountable for all expenses related to the business.


Enthusiasm for this position and working together. Ability to manage tasks and strong time management skills, as well as strong task management skills. 
Prior experience doing this sort of work, with excellent recommendations, is preferred. 

Working Conditions:
Work hours are flexible, bi-monthly meetings (via phone or in person) are required to maintain this position. 

Physical requirements:
Ability to perform required tasks on the computer. Ability to communicate effectively with booking agents, artists, managers, and collaborators across the United States. 

Upgrade and maintenance of our business’ digital systems tracking finances, engagements, contacts, and payroll. 
Co-develop album release project: timeline, PR, strategic bookings, merchandise items, video production, et cetra.
Collaborative development of 3-year work plan mapping business trajectory.
Execution of tactics outlined in first 3 months of work plan.  
Expansion of business’ professional networks.


Those interested should contact Ben & Joe via email, including a cover letter and resume:

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